African Conflicts 2020/2021 – Geopolitical Analysis

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Africa is an immense continent, characterized by deep differences and internal complexity. Beautiful places and people deriving by a wide range of different ethnic groups and tribes. Despite the many prejudices that give connotation the continent, African countries are a source of deep political and economic growth throughout many territories.

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The youngest continent of planet earth has got to its history of evolution, creativity and leadership also a wide collection of dramatic and fierce conflicts and wars. Not only armed conflicts between states take place on the African territories but also civil wars, internal conflicts and confrontations that involve non-state-actors.

INSIDER RELEASE decided to concentrate on 9 major conflicts in this section. 

Take note that these are only some of the total conflicts currently taking place in African and that they were chosen because of their recognition.

African Conflicts – Nigeria:

Thousands of articles have been written on the matter. The war that is taking place between the Nigerian armed forces and the terroristic organization of Boko Haram is recording a huge interest at an international level. Mainly because of two factors: the very peculiar history of the religious movement turned into a jihadist organization and also because of the deep interest related to oil. This conflict, deeply related to the privatization of war, is a milestone in the long road of terroristic based wars. It definitely needs to be in your radar if you are interested with the topics of jihadism and PMCs.

African Conflicts – Libya:

Two cities, Tripoli and Tobruk. Two factions. A central power faces the threats of a distinct source of power and terror. The confrontation now taking place in the former reign of general Ghaddafi is witnessing a unique moment in the history of the country. The territory is being ripped apart by the two main contenders: General Haftar represents the internationally recognized government while the representative forces of Tripoli control part of the territory. Deep economical and strategical interests will denote the destiny of the doors of Mediterranean. After 6 years of civil war we still have little knowledge on the outcome of this complex international situation.

African Conflicts – Tigray:

After about 20 years of a deeply fierce and bloody conflicts between Eritrea, Ethiopian and the internal unlucky region of Tigray There was a one year stop thanks to the intervention of the current prime minister of Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed Ali. Due to this decision he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Unluckily, less than one year later, the conflict is opened once again is now leading to a very complex humanitarian crisis and to a heavy civil war risk shift.

African Conflicts – Somalia:

The current situation in Somalia (and Kenya) is complex due to a multitude of factors. Currently, one of the most urgent concerns of the warlords of Mogadishu is related to the spread of the jihadist group of Al Shaabab, which is literally using the country as its headquarters and control room.

African Conflicts – Mali:

Since the coup d’état of 2012 the country faced a continuous series of civil based attacks and is now leading toward a constant conflict between terroristic groups and the central powers supported mainly by the French army. Unfortunately, Mali is the central intersection of various regional conflicts and issues also coming from the desert. Definitely definable as a “hot spot”.

African Conflicts – Congo:

Right after the independence the country of Congo sank into a never-ending sequence of civil wars and regional conflicts which lead to atrocious human rights violations. Today Congo is rated as one of the most dangerous areas of the world. Often forgotten, this beautiful land still deserves deep interest both at a human and a analytical level.

African Conflicts – Niger:

A very weak government and a large quantity of internal resources lead to the beginning of a civil war in one of the most internal states of Africa. The central hub of the migrant route, Agadez, is now considered as one of the hottest places on earth. The presence of the French Foreign Legion due to intelligence related interests, is an indicator of the gravity of the situation in the region.

African Conflicts – Egypt:

After 2011 the political situation of Egypt has been shook by deep crises and uprising by the citizens. A semi dictatorship lead by the military power is the main cause of violent protests and popular lack of support. Today the internal situation is connoted by a general atmosphere of tension in the immense 23 mln people capital of Cairo.

African Conflicts – Senegal:

Senegal, as many other countries in the region is not considered to be a war zone. Although some internal situations require a deeper analysis and interest. Mainly the internal fragmentations related both to ethnic and religious matters can sometimes lead to internal confrontations especially in the desert regions in the interior. Casamance, the southern green region of the country, is historically known as a land of rebellion a now considered as a red zone for most of the population and foreigners.

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