Joe Biden Calls Vladimir Putin a “Killer”

President Biden – PH Jon Tyson

The weight of words in geopolitics

Does being the US president make you become a gentleman? Apparently not!

Judging by the words of Mister Biden, the neo elected president is holding an unprecedented behavior. The white house seems to have problems with anger these days. But is repressed anger the only interpretation for the surprising phrase pronounced by the president of USA?

During the ABC interview of March the 17th President Biden made some interesting claims that might be able to shake the balance between the US and the Russian Federation, already threatened by ancient instability.

Putin is a “killer!”

A heavy statement, important words to say even about longtime enemy for you homeland. A phrase like that, pronounced by a moderate democrat, feels even heavier on the global scenarios. Words have a weight and when you are the US President the weight can interfere with the bilateral relations between two countries.

The main claim is that the Russian Federation influenced the past presidential mandate and the past elections.

“They will pay for it” follows Mr. Biden.

Is this the beginning of a new cold war? Who would expect the successor of the Typhoon to face such a deep style drop.

A mistake or strategic communication?

The Russian response

Vladimir Putin responded to President Joe Biden calling him a “killer,” during a video call aired on Russian state TV. – NBC News

“One usually blames others, for what he is himself guilty” the strict words pronounced by Mr Putin to answer the accuse thought by the US counterpart.

Right after the statement, Moscow decided to withdraw their Ambassador in the US, Anatoly Antonov. This clear signal means that the tension between Washington and Moscow will face a rapid escalation during the next few days.

Yesterday morning, Vladimir Putin in person responded to the offense during an interview:

“The US in general aim to have certain relations with us” but “We are different, we have a different genetic, cultural and moral code”. This phrase may mean that although the presence of deep differences has got consequences, there is still a small window of hope for the future relations between the two super-powers.

“We can still pursue common interests” is the phrase that puts and end to the interview.

Andrea Silvestri

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