Twenty Years Of Boko Haram in Nigeria – The Fight To Terrorism

boko haram

In this brief article we want to propose a rapid summary of the activities of one of the most vicious terrorist groups on our planet:

Boko Haram from Nigeria.

The name of the group is composed by two words (Hausa and Arabic) that roughly can be translated as “Western education is forbidden”.

boko haram

Let’s have an overview of the groups history by dividing it into 4 main phases:

  • THE FOUNDATION (2001-2002): Even if most of the west ignores this aspect, the Boko Haram group was actually founded as a pacific movement in the North of the country and was a symbol of hope mainly for the inhabitants of Borno State. It’s capital, Maiduguri is also the cradle of Boko Haram. The perfect wick point for the fire of a future Jihadism, the city is the most populated of the North Eastern region and it has a deep history of Muslim majority blended with a century of social and economic issues.

The links with ISIS and modern Jihadism exist today but Boko Haram demonstrates a much older origin: at least 12 years before the birth of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

  • THE CLASH (2009): In 2009 something changed forever with the first attacks perpetuated by the group. The very first attack holding Boko Haram’s flag dates back to that particular year.
  • THE FEROCITY (2015): This year sets a new wave of violence and destruction. It is considered also a divide at an operational level for the group. From 2014 up to 2018 the group faced an operational revolution and evolution also due to the higher mole of assets at its service. The funding came and comes from very different sources such as direct donations by local leaders and corrupted politicians but also by the income of criminal actions in various sectors.
  • THE PRESENT (2020-2021): The present of Boko Haram is intimately related with the destiny of Nigeria as a nation. Not only the recurrent attacks and the effective rule of portions of territory by the group can threaten the balance of a nation but there are also political implications to the matter.

President Buhari and the national security staff claims to be constantly working to fight the internal enemy on all fields.

Important economical agreements also depend on the destruction of Boko Haram but the resistance is very strong and complex, especially in the poor and instable regions of the Northern portion of the nation.

Andrea Silvestri

for Insider Release

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