Democratic Republic Of The Congo: Kidnapping, Terrorism And Rebellion

During the last few weeks an event shook the international scene with an unprecedented attack: the victim? The Italian Ambassador in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). A vicious attack that shakes the very foundation of international presence in the country.

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Mount Kahuzi, Democratic Republic of the Congo – PH Johnny Chen

Most media outlets present the event as a surprising and totally unexpected news. Most security analysts do not agree on this point. The attack was, indeed a tragic and dramatic moment that led to the loss of lives and to geo-political tension. If deeply analyzed, the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is an historical and political case study within the high risk domain. Let’s see why in a few key points.

Getting used to war:

War is a daily reality in Democratic Republic of the Congo. The population does not perceive war as we normally think about it in the western imaginary. War in DRC is a constant struggle since the independence of the country obtained back in the 1960s. Tracking the various dynamics of such a long lasting sequence of conflicts and civil wars would require an enormous amount of time and work. Would leave you even more confused. The important elements to know in order to understand the present situation in the country are the following 3 bullet points:

A history of exploitation: The territories that now compose the Democratic Republic of the Congo lay on an almost infinite range of precious materials such as gold, diamonds, silver, oil and the widely debated coltan (the material which composes various key parts of our phones and laptops). Since the famous Berlin conference of 1884, Kongokonferenz, the Belgian king was able to obtain the domination over such territories, already considered as a living bank.

Ethnic and political instability: The internal balance of DRC was always a utopia. A sequence of unlucky events set milestones of death and civil wars in the region. This lead to the situation we are facing today: a central army with a lack of control, a constellation of local militias that fight for supremacy over small portions of territory and a starving country where crime is a daily activity for many. In such a complex situation entities such as Jihadist groups are gradually gaining ground since they offer a glimmer of hope to the hopeless youth of many marginal areas in Congo.

Globalization vs localism: The west tends invest and to spread in many African countries to gain economical income and further power. Today this competition also involves China and it’s infinite thirst for resources and influence. The geo-political experts normally speak about “land grabbing”, anthropologists call this dimension “crypto colonialism”. 

The weak spot of this entire strategy is the total absence of negotiation with local human groups. This is something that is happening in Congo even today. It lasted for more than a century, western powers often build dialogue uniquely with the central powers of a developing country.

Several times these powers rule of corruption.

Democratic Republic of The Congo:
Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo – PH Imani Bahati

The other side of the storyDemocratic Republic of The Congo:

INSIDER RELEASE claims a huge net of informants from several areas of the world including Congo. We were able to speak with some connections in the area of Goma, our source prefers to remain anonymous.

The main reconstruction of the new climax of violence exploding in the region of Kivu could be explained through the multifactorial analysis of various aspects that lead can lead to dramatic situations such as the UN CONVOY ATTACK of last February.

The spreading of Jihadism along with the constant fight for supremacy of the numerous militias of the area (at least 120 different recognized warlords) and the eternal exploitation of the population and the land coming from the West is fostering a new outcome of violence and hate by certain factions.

The UN confirms its presence in the region. Is now re-establishing security protocols to maintain humanitarian access safe in the difficult Kivu area.

But the Democratic Republic of the Congo is much more than this.

Not only a land of violence and turmoil, nor a bank for foreign exploitation. DRC is a rich land and its amazing wealth lives within the amazing 250 different ethnic groups living in the country. It lives in the heart of the proud people of Congo. It lives in the soul and honor of the warriors and in the vast ground of Virunga National Park.

In the name of those few brave men protecting the last Gorillas of the border with Rwanda, the spirit of Congo lives in these elements and in many more.

Hell in History, Heaven on the Earth, we salute the Democratic Republic of the Congo for today.

Andrea Silvestri

for Insider Release

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