The Fallen Heroes of Congo – Virunga National Park Attack

rangers killed virunga

It was in Virunga National Park, again. A terrible assault took place on Sunday the 10th.
The lives of 6 young rangers came to a dramatic end. Silent heroes who work and live by the forest to protect the most endangered and vulnerable beings on the planet.

rangers killed virunga

In this article we want to remember these proud people who give their lives every day to fight against violence and human greed. It’s our duty to remember and help in the good fight! Our responsibility to show respect for examples of determination and courage.

At least six confirmed victims and several wounded rangers, one is in critical conditions.

Oftentimes when speaking about such attacks we tend to concentrate on the dynamics only but we have something different in mind, the memory of the victims is our priority this time.

BURHANI ABDOU Surumwe, age 30 years
KAMATE MUNDUNAENDA Alexis, age 25 years
MANENO KATAGHALIRWA Reagan, age 27 years
KIBANJA BASHEKERE Eric, age 28 years
PALUKU BUDOYI Innocent, age 28 years

The data of an attack:

WHEN: A statement from the Virunga National Park officers said the attack happened at 7.30am on Sunday.

WHO: Official and precise data are difficult to obtain in such episodes and, sometimes these intels tend to remain secret to protect the rangers. We have to keep note that at least 700 rangers are still deployed in the field to protect the mountain gorillas and the other very rare species that live in this paradise on earth that is too often transformed in hell.

“Mai Mai” fighters is how the attackers have been defined this time. A generic term that evokes particular typologies of popular militias who take advantage over war and civil imbalance to accomplish criminal acts of various type. Rangers and these militia are long-time enemies and birth of the fight dates back to decades before today.

WHY: Violence has got no precise logical explanation. It’s always a violation of natural balance. Killing the paladins of the environment is to be considered as an even deeper crime.

HOW: The dynamics of the assault are currently being investigated by local authorities but unfortunately we know that most of these attacks are perceived just as part of the job and the victims and their relatives often don’t have the means or a sufficient amount of hope to deeply search for the truth. The weight of the loss is their most present thought, and nothing can bring back a son, a husband or a father.

Insider Release is deeply close to the families of the victims!
Hongera friends! We will never forget!


Andrea Silvestri

for Insider Release

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