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Interview with Valentina Parisi

Our blog often treats the themes of intelligence within the most mainstream points of view such military applications, espionage and artificial intelligence.

In this article we will present a different perspective both at a theoretical and practical level. This interview with Valentina Parisi, an expert in institutional affairs, will deal with the importance of the human factor in the application of intelligence in her sector.

Valentina Parisi - Industrial Intelligence Expert
Valentina Parisi – Expert in institutional affairs

“Valentina, would you tell us about the background that brought you to you particular career?”

I will tell you how I evolved both on the professional level and on the human one. I deeply believe that, first off all, a good professional needs to be a good human being. We need to strive for constant engagement with ethics, not with fame. This is what I constantly try to do in my job, every day.

I began my education in Rome, In Sapienza University, where I studied marketing and communication. After this, I specialized in public communication. Then economic intelligence and data protection and a second one in digital PR in Business School. Currently I am about to end a further degree in law which I am attending while I work. I always had a huge energy related to study. 

Most of my knowledge anyway does not come from books but from relations. Being a person who works daily with interpersonal relations means that you shall have a daily training in life to manage your connections and foster importance and depth in your networks.

It’s a 24 hours attitude that cannot end with your preset workday.

HUMINT and, more in general, interpersonal skills play a central role in this sector. It is a key component of my life.

“What is industrial intelligence and how does HUMINT interact with it?”

Industrial intelligence is a particular application of intelligence within the domain of information management. It focuses on various sub-disciplines related to the specific field of applications it can cover. The term is quite broad and it can refer to several different job positions. In my current job in particular, I try to focus on human intelligence as much as possible. I also have some responsibility on data protection. This is why I will not name the current company I’m serving.

When you hear people talking about HUMINT you have the impression that they talk always about espionage or related fields but this is just not the case. Human Intelligence is partially dictated by natural elements, the rest is dedication and training. In my case, I try to find the right “triggers” in every connection in order to understand how to interact with the person I’m dealing with.

HUMINT is still quite underestimated in my country, especially in the private sector but I think it’s a crucial component for corporate security and stability this is why I’m trying to work on a new model that could lead to a mainstreaming of the idea of including HUMINT and Industrial Intelligence officers within the administrations of strategic companies in our country.

What I try to communicate at the moment is the need to overcome the current crystalized methodologies within Public Affairs with a new model. Nowadays, especially in Europe, we tend to confuse Institutional public affairs only with lobbying but it’s not the case.

I dream of a near future where important corporations create and hire hybrid profiles dedicated to public affairs: these professionals should cover and represent three main areas of competence such as public relations as we know them, HUMINT officers and economical intelligence experts. Having these three responsibilities in the same figure will bring a significant strategic improvement and it will foster accountability.

I’ll be working on a project regarding this topic but it’s a secret for now.

“Could you name the 3 fundamental pieces of advice for the wannabe PR expert?”

Yes, I have the three main rules quite clear in my mind since I have been thinking about this topic for almost all my life now. In order to face a job related to Public Relations but also to human intelligence in general both in the public or private sector you need to accomplish these following steps:

  • Ethics and confidentiality: The ethical step is the first on you need to take to do this job. If the people who work with you cannot trust you and rely on your person, you will never be a good PR.
  • Natural inclination to interpersonal relations is key if you have the will to work with networks. It’s something you will feel already at a very young age. People speak to you, they trust you and you become the main hub of networks easily. It does not depend only on your decisions but mainly on your charisma and natural/structural elements of your person. Body language, physiognomy and proxemics also influence this “power”.
  • Technical education: PNL and other disciplines can teach you to dominate and control your mind during the research for information from human sources. It’s a gradual process that requires attention and dedication, the technical aspect can help you to pursue you objectives if you already have the first two points in your arsenal.

We deeply thank Valentina Parisi for releasing this important interview, our will is that in a near future HUMINT to gain a central importance within private sectors at a mainstream level.

In a world where technology and AI is gaining so much importance and power, the human factor will always remain a non negotiable central sector in all we do as a species in our jobs. Chose your side, virtual technology our human potential. It’s up to you to decide.

Andrea Silvestri

for Insider Release

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