December 8, 2022

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Is Society On The Verge Of Collapse?

Painting a clear vision of what is really happening in our times is very complex. Is society on the verge of collapse? A question that many have asked themselves, hopefully. However, it is undeniable that something is brewing and it would appear to be no good.

Leaving the prophecies to magicians and fortune-tellers, as always Insider Release prefers to dwell on the facts and through their analysis take a look at the possibilities.

Closing your eyes, turning away, and continuing to live with illusions will not help you. Being aware is sometimes tough, but it is a necessary step toward any challenge or change. Without awareness, one has already lost from the start. Awareness, a concept that humanity cradled in the limbo of today’s illusion of existence, seems to have been forgotten.

We will analyze below just some of the current problems, already underway, that afflict today’s society.

We will return in conclusion to the initial question: “Is society on the verge of collapse?”

Global Drought:

Drought is a natural hazard with devastating consequences in all aspects of society. Its effects are reflected in a cascade on the environment, the economy, food supplies, health, relations between nations, the internal systems of nations, migration, etc. The progress of the drought affects all the elements that make up society and regulate its balance.

Sticking to what the UN declared: “Drought is a global crisis that risks becoming the next pandemic if countries do not take urgent action on water and land management and tackle the climate emergency.”  There will be no vaccine for it. According to the same report: “Drought is now widespread, and by the end of the century all but a handful of countries will experience it in some form.”




Global Warming:

Global warming refers to the gradual warming of the earth’s surface, oceans, and atmosphere. Without dwelling too much on the main causes, a reason for debate (it is caused by human activity or only accelerated by it), it mainly depends on a high level of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and other greenhouse gases that are deposited in the atmosphere. Global warming has a tangible and measurable effect, and this is undeniable. Again, the devastating effects are reflected in all aspects of society. It also creates a series of related environmental problems such as changes in ocean currents, wildfires, floods, increased drought, extinction of various animal species, damage to human health, melting glaciers, changing sea salinity levels, increase in electricity consumption, etc.

According to the UN report on the matter, the worst is yet to come. The years ahead will surely be not only the greatest challenge for our society but perhaps the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced, from what has been recorded in the history books, of course.




The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


Global Pollution:

Pollution is currently one of the main causes leading to the death of human beings in the world. In this field, human beings have really given their best (or worst) of themselves. We have polluted the seas, freshwater reserves, the soil, the air, and even the space around the earth. According to the World Bank Report: “Pollution of air, land, and water causes more than 9 million premature deaths (16% of all deaths worldwide). That’s three times more deaths than from AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined and 15 times more than from all wars and other forms of violence. Global health crises, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic further highlight the need for continued action in addressing environmental pollution.”

The more the nations of the world go from underdeveloped to “developed”, the more the level of pollution increases in every direction. An unsolvable today’s paradox.



Worldbank – Pollution

THE GUARDIAN – Pollution – Articles

Global Resource Scarcity:

Is the world running out of resources? Clearly yes. Why? Because our life is not a simulation, we do not live within “The Sims”. The world is a large container surrounded by emptiness. We live in it, where resources are limited. The greater the number of human beings inside this container, the greater their speed of consumption of them. This is especially the case when resources are wasted, overexploited, polluted, and not recycled or re-used. It is terrifying to know that at the top of the list of scarce resources is water, our vital element.

The progress of the scarcity of resources inevitably leads, like a highway, towards the onset of conflicts and wars, slowdown of the supply chain, deterioration of health, etc.


UN REPORT – Renewable Resources and Conflict

UN REPORT – Water scarcity

Resources Scarcity – A global Security threat? – SWP Research

Earth Overshoot Day

Water Scarcity – The Blue Planet Is Becoming A Desert? – INSIDER RELEASE

Global Wildlife Extinction:

Humans are an invasive species, and the other millions of animal species on the planet are paying the price. After coexisting with other species for millions of years in equilibrium, we have upset this long lull that lasted a very long time. The mass extinction of wildlife is mainly due to the deterioration of the natural settlement. It is ironic to think that after having extinguished billions of other species we still wonder if we are living in an age of mass extinction.

It is absurd to see how the human ego continues, in its ignorance, to want to place itself above everything. The list of endangered species is very long and in this case, the effects are devastating, first of all, the breaking of the natural balance between animal species and all the resulting consequences.

Without going too far into the future, the drastic reduction of the wild environment is currently destroying the economies of entire countries, which had, for example, invested heavily in tourism. This causes social upheavals and migrations, even generating extremism.


UN Report: Nature’s Dangerous Decline ‘Unprecedented’

Rewild – the search for lost species


INSIDER RELEASE – Why should the extinction of species worry you?

Nuclear Holocaust:

A nuclear holocaust is a theoretical but nevertheless plausible scenario in which the mass detonation of nuclear weapons would cause the probable annihilation of the entire civilization in a very short period of time. This scenario predicts that large parts of the Earth become uninhabitable due to the effects of a nuclear war. In addition to the immediate destruction caused by nuclear explosions, the potential consequences of a nuclear war could involve firestorms, a nuclear winter, widespread fallout radiation sickness, and/or the temporary (if not permanent) loss of much modern technology due to electromagnetic pulses. Furthermore, this scenario would lead to a drastic reduction in food and the poisoning of resources.

This hypothesis is not science fiction if we consider that the production of nuclear weapons has never stopped since their discovery, despite numerous appeals.

As reported by the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” we are missing only “100 seconds” before the nuclear apocalypse.

It is also important to specify that a nuclear war is not necessary to transmit radiation to the planet. It would probably be enough to stop the maintenance of nuclear power plants scattered around the world to trigger their collapse and cause the radioactive spill. This could be triggered by a natural event, for example, a major cataclysm. The world without today’s society at full capacity is therefore a kind of time bomb.



INSIDER RELEASE – Is A Nuclear War A Plausible Hypothesis?

Global Economic Collapse:

Economic collapse encompasses a wide range of bad economic conditions, ranging from severe and protracted depression with high bankruptcy rates and high unemployment (such as the Great Depression of the 1930s), to a collapse in normal trade caused by hyperinflation (as in Weimar in Germany in the 1920s), or even the total collapse of the monetary system.

The possibility that these events occur is not an eventuality but a certainty as all economic systems cyclically implodes (for various macroeconomic reasons that we invite you to search for).

However, the possibility of a global collapse of the monetary system occurring simultaneously at the global level is very remote. A similar event is more likely to occur gradually. The collapse of the leading economic systems would involve all the minor systems in a cascade.

The decline of the post-war economic system has already begun a long time ago, even though various “braking” strategies have been implemented. However, in the long term, these strategies, if not accompanied by a series of other parallel operations of economic correction (which include a total change of direction in the concept of management of the society itself, employment policies, investments, exchanges, use of technology, education, redistribution of wealth, etc.), prove to be deleterious and the downfall is inevitable.

Clearly, based on all the other problems mentioned in the previous titles, such corrective policies should consider not to create further critical issues, for example environmental, by adding more fuel to the fire. In short, a “breeze”.


UN REPORT – World Economic Situation And Prospects

UN REPORT – 5 things you should know about the state of the global economy


Technological dependence:

It is undeniable to declare that today’s society, outside the realities of the still almost completely underdeveloped part of the world, is totally dependent on technology. This technology obviously includes the internet, for example.

Paradoxically, something we have created to make our lives simpler and more efficient has created a huge weakness today. The dependence on technology goes in many directions but just think about what would happen, for example, if the electricity or simply the internet will stop working for a few weeks or a few months.

Production chains, supply chains, distribution chains, the financial system, the health system, and much more would be seriously affected. In a nutshell, it does not take much to take us back thousands of years, with the basic difference that nowadays such as nobody is self-sufficient, as lulled by well-being.

Other negative implications for addiction to technology extend in many directions: reduction of the human workforce and therefore unemployment, weakening of society, psychological consequences, pollution, and even the threat dictated by the advent of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics.

Furthermore, it is necessary to consider everything that involves the growing demand and use of electronic components (these too are a finite good on the planet).


FEMA – Technological Development and Dependency

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INSIDER RELEASE – Artificial Intelligence And Geopolitical Balance: Progress or Threat?


It is almost impossible to enclose in a single article all the current problems that impact on today’s society. However, the above is enough to get a clear idea and evaluate the possibilities.

About our initial question “Is Society On The Verge Of Collapse”, Insider Release as always, prefers to leave the conclusions to the reader.

We would just like to add a quote from a distant, now extinct society. We hope it will help you further in your deductions.

“…we can endure neither our vices nor the remedies needed to cure them.

― Livy, The History of Rome, Books 1-5: The Early History of Rome

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