Peru Protests Turn Violent in Lima, Calls for Early Elections and Release of Imprisoned Leader


With a growing number of injured and deadly casualties surpassing fifty, violent uprisings throughout Peru have resulted in widespread devastation. At first, people in Peru protested solely in their land’s southern region; nonetheless, those clashes quickly extended throughout Lima.

As violence marred Lima, civil strife continued as anti-government protesters engaged with security forces in intense encounters that lasted multiple hours for two days straight. As they attempted to gain a voice on governmental matters, protesters were received with heavy deployments of riot gear like tear gas which caused violent encounters amidst main attraction areas located in Downtown Lima During the protest in Lima, some individuals were caught on camera throwing stones-filled water bottles targeting law enforcers, while others expressed their opinion waving national flags and using slogans like The spilled blood will never be forgotten.

After trying to dissolve Congress last month, Peru’s first-ever president from a rural Andes background –Pedro Castillo has been impeached and detained, leading through large-scale protests across various parts of the country. Despite being sworn in as a leader, demonstrators are still holding up signs protesting against Dina Boluarte. The demonstrators want to see Castillo set free.

In spite of being mainly confined to the Southern areas for some weeks now; however causing waves throughout already mentioned earlier Protests are responsible for death toll reaching up-to an alarming number of fifty-five and round about seven hundred getting severely hurt due to aggression ensued As they seek broader support, protestors opposing state policies initially focused on mobilizing people at local events around Southern Peru. Now, however, action is spreading across regions and into major cities like Lima.

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