The Struggle For Conservation – Video Interview


This is our first video interview with Sabrina Colombo, our collaborator from South Africa. Sabrina works as a Ranger in Leo Africa, a small closed corporation involved in conservation and anti-poaching in various game reserves. In this interesting interview with Sabrina, we will show you the amazing world of conservation through the wonderful and passionate words of a young woman who decided to dedicate her life to African wildlife and environment.

What Does “Conservation” Mean? – The Defence Of Our Ecosystem – READ MORE

During the interview, we treated mainly three important topics regarding the conservation and anti-poaching sector. Is saying:

1)The background of a ranger

2)Anti-poaching related misconceptions

3)What we can do to save the planet

We are sure you will find our words interesting and, therefore we ask you kind readers to share this amazing clips.

Andrea Silvestri

for Insider Release

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