Why China is angry? Wrath of the Red Dragon

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s visit to Taiwan is the reason why China is angry, which promised irreversible consequences.

More than 25 years after the last similar episode, Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded a brief visit to the island, heavily involved in the now famous dispute between Beijing and Taipei. This was enough to ignite the already tense relations between the United States, China, and of course Taiwan.

In fact, China claims Taiwan as part of its indivisible territory and sees visits by foreign government officials as a recognition of the island’s sovereignty. The “One China policy” appears to have been called into question, despite the veiled denials of US President Joe Biden.

An unresolved problem, for a long time, too long. The island which was under Japanese control during World War II became the refuge of the defeated Kuomintang (KMT) in 1949, following the Chinese Civil War and the victory of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). A series of political struggles, privations, and concessions followed, which gradually led to the current situation, hanging on a razor’s edge. A thin thread where obviously there are not only two forces playing.

Post WW2 China was obviously not the world superpower of today. It was a wounded, almost dying red dragon that had suffered enormous disasters due to wars and invasions, famines and epidemics, social and economic crises, and the total lack of a compact and highly specialized army. A China that could not afford a real confrontation, with the winning powers of WW2 and above all with the US, immediately protectors of the rebel island. All in the very delicate scenario of the Cold War, of the struggle between Communism and Capitalism, of the division of the world in two.

The Red Dragon of today is however very different, ready to breathe fire and burn everything. He is very keen to underline this. One day after Nancy Pelosi’s visit, China began massive military exercises near Taiwan, gradually encircling the island. Even ballistic missiles have been launched, some of which have fallen into Japanese waters. Another important sign that should not be underestimated, given the presence of American bases in the nation and the certainly not cordial relations between China and Japan, which practically never existed.

The raids by the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army into the airspace of Taiwan have occurred frequently in recent months. Provocative flights that intend to impose another strong message, without yet reaping victims.

It should be noted that, in addition to having repeatedly reiterated its direct military support in the event of an attack, the United States has already doubled its unofficial military presence in Taiwan for years.

The possible presence of the American military on the island clearly suggests what would happen in the event of an attack on the island by Beijing.

For their part, the inhabitants of Taiwan, now accustomed to Chinese threats for some time, enthusiastically welcomed the American Speaker, who reiterated her support for the right to democracy of the much-claimed rebel island. Obviously, the forces of Taipei were also activated, starting exercises, and issuing the maximum state of alert. It is obviously not one of their intentions to give up a step.

Why China is angry? Given the brief analysis just described, it is quite easy to find the conclusions to this question. There are many other questions that spring to mind. Are we facing a new front like the Ukrainian one? Probably yes. Is it possible to find a solution to the crisis? A billion-dollar question on which the fate of all humanity probably depends given the obvious chain consequences of an armed escalation.

Adriano Margarone for

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