September 30, 2022

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World War 3: What You Need To Know

World War 3 could be the deadliest in human history. The war could be fought on multiple fronts, including in Europe, the Pacific, and the Middle East. What do you need to know about this possibility?

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If one of the many regions or conflicts around the world turned into a world war, it would be incredibly dangerous for all humanity. Could World War 3 explode in 2022 or 2023? We saw in the war in Ukraine just how many casualties can come from a conflict between two conventional armies. We also noticed that the number of destroyed tanks at the beginning of the war was massive. This is something that would happen to all armies around the world in a World War 3 scenario. The conflict in Ukraine can be considered as the prelude to World War 3 latest news.

World War 3 – Short-term consequences

The first days of war would see a lot of fighting and destruction as different sides vie for control. Liken into the movies, where all the big action scenes take place at the beginning, with excessive use of cruise missiles, fighter aircraft would scramble for air superiority.

If there will be a large-scale war with combined arms operations, it would be complete chaos. However, it would only be temporary because both sides would eventually run out of supplies and equipment. At that point, the nature of the conflict would change.

In Ukraine, for example, tank battles ended quite quickly, and now artillery is doing most of the work, especially in the Russian strategy. In a World War 3 scenario, where the use of nuclear weapons is not yet contemplated, military equipment would run out quite soon. In this case, after having also exhausted the stocks of old heavy armaments in the warehouse, it would soon reach a point of stagnation.

Nowadays, you cannot produce as many ultra-technological weapons with the same speed and capacity as almost a century ago, so a conflict like World War 2 would not happen today. We would eventually run out of resources a few months after the war started, which would cause the front lines to stop moving. The infantry would then become the deciding factor, during this first phase.

The world today is very different from the world in the 1940s. Our economies are all tied together. Living in a globalized world works great in peacetime but in case of a conflict, many states would face huge logistical problems. Many countries would run low in components, and essential resources such as metals, oil, and food. Supply chains would collapse given the logistical difficulties dictated by the conflict and probably because these strategic points will be targeted.

A world war would have devastating effects on the entire planet, with people dying from hunger even in countries that are not directly involved in the conflict.

It must also be considered that World War 3 would provide an opportunity for smaller nations to escalate their own frozen conflicts while the major powers are distracted. This would be a good time to strike, as a world war would effectively reset the status quo. In the aftermath of a world war, everyone would be scrambling to gain power and influence.

World War 3 – Long-term consequences

If Russia and NATO clash, and Russia begin to lose ground to NATO, Russia may feel that the only option left is to use nuclear weapons. However, both sides know that if any nuclear weapon is used, both sides will be destroyed. A nuclear option is always a self-destruct option. However, if the wrong people and circumstances come together, nuclear war is possible. Moscow pointed out many times that World War 3 would be a nuclear war.

Both sides would first attack each other’s military launch facilities in an attempt to prevent any reaction. However, this would be impossible. Military submarines are always hiding in the depths of the oceans ready for a retaliation strike.

If the enemy’s primary targets are destroyed, the next targets would be industrial facilities to prevent them from rebuilding their infrastructure and armaments.

A nuclear strike on all vital industry sites would ensure that the target country stays destroyed for quite a while, and then if the spirit of the enemy is not broken, nuclear bombs would be targeting population centers. In war, everything can be seen as a resource, and striking population centers would destroy industrial facilities and kill a lot of the enemy population. But at this point, it’s unclear what each side is actually fighting for. A nuclear winter would decimate the survivors through freezing or starvation. No one can predict what will happen next.

World War 3 – Conclusion

The world is heading towards a major conflict, which has a high probability of escalating into a world war. The main drivers behind this are the economic crisis, the post-pandemic aspect, climate change, changes in the balance of power, the collapse of state management strategies, and the reduction of resources. All this causes further crises, as in a cascade effect.

The solutions to stopping this waterfall have not been found yet and it is almost impossible to do. However, World War 3, is certainly not a solution, not even a humanity great reset, but an end point of everything we know. It now seems clear that the World War 3 countdown has already begun and probably as a result of this there will be no World War 3 books that will try to remind the world of our mistakes.

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