June 1, 2023

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insider release

Insider release is a self-funded informational blog.

The aim is to provide unfiltered, free and independent information.

Insider Release mainly covers topics related to:

  • Geopolitics: In this section are carried out analysis, written articles and conducted interview related to the world of geopolitics. It is an ever-open showcase of the major world events affecting international relations between states and citizens of the world.
  • Environment: In this section are carried out analysis, written articles and conducted interview on environmental protection. Topics ranging from wildlife protection, animal protection, climate change, pollution and new green technologies are covered.
  • Society: In this section are carried out analysis, written articles and conducted interview, about facts, trends, problems, concerning the human society.
  • Security: In this section are carried out analysis, written articles and conducted interview in the field of security. It therefore includes the area of private and public security, training, dynamics, analysis of the professions and qualifications that orbit around this area.
  • Tactical Reviews:In this section, short reviews of tactical articles are developed. They include accessories, optics, clothing, protective material and all the new technologies in the industry.

Our international team is made up of volunteer writers from different parts of the world.

adriano margarone

Adriano Margarone – Founder of Insider Release

Nationality: Italian.

Profession: Entrepreneur.

Former soldier of the italian army and former carabiniere (italian military police). Previous career in private security operational and managerial. 

He also possesses a background of studies in political science.

He is passionate about military strategy, geopolitics, politics, new technologies, computer sciences and communication strategies.

Andrea Silvestri

Andrea Silvestri – Co-Founder of Insider Release

Nationality: Italian.

Profession: Anthropologist.

Linguist and Anthropologist, graduated from the University of Turin.

He specialized at ISPI in Milan in international cooperation and Security Management studies in crisis areas. 

Dozens of experiences of study, volunteering and work in national and international contexts have developed in Andrea a powerful critical spirit and a strong spirit of personal and professional adaptation within his work. These characteristics, accompanied by a deep passion for studies on the human being and in particular of Africa, led Andrea to undertake a particular career and lifestyle. Born Italian but raised in Africa, anthropology was an almost obligatory path, a mission.

Omkar Mohair

Omkar Amol Moharir – Publisher

Nationality: Indian.

Profession: Analyst.

Geopolitical and International Relations scholar, currently pursuing Post-Graduation in Geopolitics and International Relations, from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Karnataka, India and have Bachelors in Journalism and Mass communication from IP University, New Delhi.

Omkar believe that his knowledge about the field has been gained through engaging in extensive research analysis in the areas of geopolitics, diplomacy, foreign policy, National Security, Counter terrorism, Risk Analysis, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.


Rita Lisiewicz

Rita Lisiewicz, BEng – Publisher

Nationality: Polish.

Profession: Engineer.

Renewable energy sources and waste management engineer, currently pursuing a master’s degree in RES specialization.

Passionate about environmental issues, the less waste trend and technological innovations that improve people’s quality of life without having a negative impact on the planet.