April 20, 2024

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The Covid-19 Virus Era – When The Mask Comes Down

As we move beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, we face new challenges. Learn more about what lies ahead as the mask comes down in this article.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is definitely one of the toughest moments in contemporary human history.

Besides the dramatic effects that it is bringing, we can state that it is also radically changing society and the way we perceive lives in general as a species.

The strategies adopted by each country to tackle the problem deeply vary and bring very different consequences for the population since the pandemic is now becoming also a social and economic emergency while the sanitary aspect is losing its ground.

Credits: Erik Mclean

Several countries have lived or are still living very dramatic moments due to the pandemic while some experienced a luckier destiny than others. Some may argue that luck as got little to do with the threat of a potentially lethal virus striking the world, it should be more about strategy. This is true indeed, different strategies generate different outcomes, there are mainly two different aspects to analyze when speaking about the virus in a country today: the vaccines and the national restrictions.

Take the shot:

Behind the different kinds of COVID-19 vaccines we are witnessing a true Tsunami of opinions and debates.

Debating is normal, it is the actual root of democracy, but is there such thing as too much of it? When coming to decisions related to global health, nations should take decisions very wisely and with a strong hold but in many cases, this did not happen.

Many journalists have compared the virus to a war. The main difference is that during a conflict, communication is crucial while throughout the pandemic we are witnessing to a series of mistakes regarding public communication.

The vaccines used as a geopolitical weapon and the continuous changing restriction sets are delivering fear and misunderstanding to the population of most countries. Citizens are tired with the situation and the near future appears to be grey and sinking in uncertainty.

But the breaking news coming from Israel could change our minds in some way. Or, perhaps make us doubt even more about the international decision making procedures.

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No more pretending:

Yesterday morning the Israeli authorities stated that it is no longer compulsory in the country to wear facemasks for protection against the virus in open spaces.

To know more about the lift mask mandate watch this video from a local source:

YouTube Channel – Arirang News

Let us know your opinion about this topic.

Is the world ready to drop the mask?

Andrea Silvestri

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