I Put A Spell On You – The Dark Side Of Social Networks

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It is undeniable that the internet and the subsequent introduction of social networks, represent one of the greatest inventions of the last century. So far, we have probably only explored the tip of the iceberg of the potential of the network. However, this short experience has already radically changed our way of life. Networks of people, able to exchange messages that travel virtually at the speed of light, have certainly improved our ability to communicate.

Even in the remotest corner of our planet, we are no longer alone.

With reference to social networks, giants of the network, we have acquired the ability to stay connected to others, exchange opinions, keep ourselves informed, find people who seemed lost for a long time.

Social networks seem to be an added value for our society.

However, as always, every gesture, every invention, everything has two sides. One bright, the other dark, like the moon. As a good intelligent and thinking human being, able to not stop at appearances, it is therefore necessary to reflect and ask: “what is hidden in the Dark Side of social networks?”

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What the “IT wizards” don’t say – The Dark Side of Social Networks

Before starting a specific analysis, it is essential to make a logical, rather than philosophical, clarification. It is necessary to understand a simple concept, which can be applied to every level and stratification of today’s society: “No one gives you something to receive nothing”.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that unless you pass a specific point. The point after which every decision, every action, is dictated by the pursuit of profit at any cost. Starting from this simple concept we can begin to understand how social networks work in their monetization system. They are an infallible machine for making money (and not only). The turnovers of the most famous companies in the industry even exceed those of many states.

“How is all this possible”, you’re wondering?

Most social networks are free. Yes, in the virtual world of networks of people it is the user and his actions that represent the monetary value. Everyone represents an inexhaustible amount of data. Every action turns into data. Visualizations, reactions, comments, appreciations, researches, even the non-interacting becomes.

Data is the gold of the new millennium.

They are also the lifeblood of a new form of existence: artificial intelligence.

There are only two industries that call their customers “users”: illegal drugs and software.

Edward Tufte.

The monetization process of Social Networks

Leaving aside the functioning of Artificial Intelligence, a subject that INSIDER RELEASE has already dealt with in the past, we will dwell, in the simplest language possible, on the dark side of Social Networks. It is important to understand how it works, the dynamics, the purposes, to try to reduce the effects of this “spell”. The magic, after all, wears off once you figure out what the trick is.

Everything we do on the internet is received, recorded, analysed, processed, used. Our combined large-scale actions and reactions constitute TRENDs. Trends analysis allows, for example, to understand what people like and what they don’t like. It allows you to be able to develop and refine actual strategies. In this case marketing strategies.

Also, just talking about marketing, what has always been every marketer’s dream? Be confident that your advertising will be successful.

How can we be sure of it? Aiming only at a segment of people whose expectations, preferences and even dreams we know in advance. This is the secret of the billion-dollar turnover of the companies behind social networks: offering a fool proof advertising system. Nothing wrong with that if there were clearly defined boundaries.

Being able to collect, analyse, sectorize, repurpose and then monetize data is the key to success. To do this, however, given that we are talking about billions of pieces of information per second, the use of increasingly advanced computers and algorithms is necessary. They must be able to make quick, autonomous decisions with a minimum margin of error.

No group of humans alone would be able to handle such a large amount of information. Our brains have limited capacity as computers. For the same simple reason, it can be said that the programmers themselves, the pioneers of this “technological revolution” have probably lost control over their own inventions. Probably, they do not fully understand them anymore.

This is the gateway to the “dark side” of social networks and the internet in general.

To function and maximize profits, it is necessary to entrust the management of machines, virtual consciousnesses. This is not science fiction, machines have already begun to interact with our consciousness, deciding autonomously what to show us, what to hide from us, making predictions about our actions and inevitably influencing our way of acting. They are even able to predict our behaviour. The more data they receive, the faster they evolve, the smaller is their margin of error. Machines, however, still lack (and perhaps will always lack) something: the ability to act according to the human consciousness.

The prelude to disaster

Following the above, many are the questions that should arise in the head of a thinking human being. Thinking, precisely because so many have lost the ability to think with their brains, relying almost solely on the “digital brain”. On the other hand, it is less tiring to let yourself be guided…but at what cost?

A spell has been cast from which we must awake before it is too late. A spell that pushes many to live a life where they desperately seek approval of their person and especially of their image on social networks. Something that dictates standards to which everyone would like to conform and towards which many are even willing to manipulate their bodies and their lives, to appear more and more like the dictates of the TRENDs of the network.

A spell that has claimed several victims in the psychologically weaker subjects due to the “non-approval” of the network. Something that confuses us, that leads us to think of everything and the opposite of everything, blurring the truth.

Just finding out the truth in an endless ocean of real and unreal information, has become almost impossible.

Also, ask yourself what would happen if one day such technologies will be used to manipulate your choices in politics and in your social life. Ask yourself what would happen if artificial intelligences would push all of humanity to think something that is not real.

Assume all this. It may have already happened, or it may be happening now.

Although many of the inventors of these technologies (and not only) have realized how much the situation is getting out of hand, it is hard to make decisions.

The phenomenon is too widespread, both socially and economically.

Imagine, for a moment, removing from the stock market companies that are billing more than entire states. Or, imagine the void left in the lives of many who have based their lives or their professions on social networks. Think of the millions of companies that would be taken away from an advertising tool that is the basis of their success.

To break this spell and return to reality could entail enormous sacrifices and disastrous consequences.

However, what is best for you? The tough decision is yours.

Adriano Margarone

for Insider Release

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