Haiti President Assassinated In His Home

haiti president

Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated in his home by a group of gunmen, according to a statement and comments by the country’s interim Prime Minister. The President’s wife was also killed in the raid.

haiti president
President Jovenel_Moïse – Credit: Wikipedia

Haiti president was assassinated in his home in an assault led by a contingent of armed men.

It would also seem, from the first rumors, that the commando group was also composed of foreign subjects, presumably mercenaries.
More information and updates on the incident can be found on the website of the newspaper “The Guardian”, which is closely following the incident and its evolution.

As amply documented by the following Al Jazeera report, there had been numerous protests in the past calling for the resignation of the President of Haiti who was later assassinated.

Haiti protesters demand President Moise step down – Credit: Al Jazeera

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