The Importance Of Intelligence In Today’s World


An interview with Alessandro Vivaldi

Importance Of Intelligence
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The following video interview was released few days ago by our external collaborator, Mr. Alessandro Vivaldi. He is an anthropologist who focuses his work on intelligence gathering and security advisory for many different clients worldwide. During the interviews we decided to focus on a very important, yet underrated, theme: the importance of intelligence in today’s world.
The Importance of Intelligence in today’s world
An interview with Alessandro Vivaldi

Today the world seems to be dominated by technology and information, but experts actually claim that the human factor still plays a crucial role in many different jobs related to intelligence and to security but not only. Watch the full interview on YouTube and you will find out the new role of human intelligence in the contemporary world.

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You will also find a very specific focus on travel security, the new frontier of intelligence application for risk assessment today!

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