10 Basic Self-Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know


Learning basic self-defense techniques can help you protect yourself in dangerous situations. Whether you’re facing an attacker on the street or just want to feel more secure in your daily life, self-defense training can help you stay safe and empowered.

Here are 10 techniques that everyone should know:

  1. Use your voice. Yelling, screaming, or making noise can often be enough to deter an attacker.
  2. Use your body. Use your body to create space between you and your attacker. This can include pushing, pulling, or getting behind something.
  3. Use your surroundings. Look for anything you can use as a weapon, such as a chair, umbrella, or even a pen.
  4. Use pepper spray. Pepper spray can be an effective way to incapacitate an attacker and give you time to get away.
  5. Use your fists. If you have no other options, using your fists to strike an attacker’s face, throat, or groin can be effective.
  6. Use palm strikes. Striking with the heel of your palm can be effective for disabling an attacker’s nose or jaw.
  7. Use elbow strikes. Elbow strikes can be powerful and effective, especially if you’re close to your attacker.
  8. Use kicks. Kicking an attacker’s groin, shins, or knees can be effective in disabling them.
  9. Use knee strikes. Knee strikes can be effective for disabling an attacker’s legs or stomach.
  10. Use pressure points. Targeting pressure points, such as the eyes, throat, or groin, can be effective in disabling an attacker.

By learning these basic self-defense techniques, you can be better prepared to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Remember to always prioritize your safety and seek help if you are in danger.

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