Moscow Expels European Diplomats – Tensions Between Russia And Europe

Moscow Expels European Diplomats
Moscow Expels European Diplomats
Moscow – PH Michael Parulava

Moscow Expels European Diplomats for taking part in unauthorized protests.

Diplomats from Germany, Poland and Sweden marked as “unwelcome persons” to Russia for taking part in protests pro-Alexei Navalny release.

The decision taken by the Kremlin was harshly criticized by Angela Merkel as unjustified.

The Swedish government has also expressed the same view on this matter.

The polish government is currently considering an appropriate response.

In an official statement, Russia’s foreign ministry said that the behaviour of the representatives of the above-mentioned nations “were unacceptable and incompatible with their diplomatic status”. Further developments are expected.

Tensions between the EU and Russia do not seem to want to decrease. The statement by the newly elected President Biden on the facts is also awaited. There are already several condemnations against Putin for the arrest of the now well-known dissident. 

Following the condemnations from various states around the world, Russia’s international and diplomatic relations are deteriorating. Also, Moscow’s decision to expel European Diplomats certainly does not help to improve the situation.

Meanwhile, the protests in Russia seem to go on unabated.

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