Survival Expert “Panzer”: Insights from a Special Forces Veteran – Interview


In terms of survival training and tactical skills, few can rival the expertise of Panzer—an exceptional ex-Special Forces soldier. Through an exclusive sit-down chat with Insider Release, experienced survivalist Panzer shares some vital advice on why it’s essential always to remain vigilant and prepared; moreover, he offers up valuable tips designed specifically around staying safe while out exploring.

For both veterans and beginners in outdoor activities and survival training, it’s imperative that they read this exclusive interview thoroughly.


Can you tell us about your military background?

I started my military career at 19 years old in the Folgore Brigade. After completing training at the military parachute school in Pisa (SMIPAR) and performing jumps from C-130 airplanes and CH-47 helicopters, I obtained the qualification of military parachute and I was transferred to the “9th Paratroopers Assault Regiment” in Livorno, where I learned various special military techniques. Later, I was sent to the military helicopter pilot school and I attended the “Centro Addestramento Aviazione Leggera Esercito in Viterbo“. I then obtained a military helicopter pilot license at the 72nd Aeronautical Military Squadron in Frosinone. After returning to the training center, I continued my operational activity, working closely with other forces of the Italian Army.

What is the most important thing you learned during your time in the armed forces that you continue to apply in your current profession?

My experience taught me that brotherhood among teammates is crucial when overcoming difficulties, not only applicable in military life but also in civilian life. My experience serving in the military helped instill within me an unwavering sense of commitment toward any task at hand. This included showing everyone around your utmost regard for their contribution while attempting it with fortitude even during arduous times. I came to learn that sacrifice is a requirement for achieving any goal, and mutual support among team members is critical for dealing with obstacles. The significance of persistence was the most valuable lesson I learned. Whether in the military or everyday life circumstances, tough times are a given. Nonetheless, having the fortitude to press on and surmount obstacles is pivotal. Having strength and persistence has been crucial both during my time serving our country and now working professionally.


Can you tell us about your survival techniques and skills?

Survival techniques were among those that I learned and excelled at while undergoing specialized training to become part of Italy’s Special Operations Forces, specifically under its prestigious unit – The Folgore Brigade The approach for our exercises and raids on sensitive targets as special forces unit members involved spending several days marching through targeted regions before conducting a drop by parachute and launching the attack. My experience and expertise heightened through this field.

Can you describe some experiences you have had working with civilians in a survival context?

In some survival situations, I’ve collaborated alongside civilians. The sensitivity and secrecy involved in this issue make it difficult for me to go beyond providing only scant specifics. Witnessing people who initially regard you with suspicion and skepticism express gratitude for the skills and success you have shared with them is the most beautiful feeling. It is truly a heartwarming experience for one who has worked alongside civilians on various survival challenges, seeing first-hand the transformation as they gain skills, self-confidence, and enhancing capability when handling tough situations. Watching individuals, who initially were skeptical of you thank you, is a feeling beyond words.


Are you considering creating survival courses for civilians and if so, what topics would you cover?

One passion of mine happens to be sharing information on surviving challenging conditions – this could not excite me more. It’s my belief that acquiring the knowledge of survival and adapting to various conditions is a remarkable accomplishment. The significance of coping with everyday challenges as well as surviving extreme conditions lies in developing core survival skills. In my opinion, fighting is always crucial whether you’re facing everyday obstacles or enduring severe circumstances. As overcoming everyday difficulties or extreme conditions requires certain techniques, creating courses teaching others interested in this issue would undoubtedly offer immeasurable gratification.

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    Fascinating insights from ‘Panzer’ in this interview! As a Special Forces veteran, his perspective on survival in extreme conditions is incredibly valuable. The practical tips and real-life applications of his training are something anyone can benefit from, whether you’re an enthusiast or just looking to be more prepared. Thanks for sharing such a unique and informative piece!

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