Virtual Life Addiction – The Dangers of Living Online

Virtual life

Nowadays we could say that humans live in a wide variety of environments. We virtually inhabit every corner of the planet. Virtually indeed, we also live in a different dimension: the world of virtual life, the internet.

Virtual life
Virtual Life – Graphic Markus Spiske

Did you know that many of us pass most of our time surfing the net while reality fades away?

Can Virtual Life create addiction? How do we define REALITY?

Some may claim that something, to be real, should have a physical or tangible connotation in its existence.

The hard truth is that this is only one of the possible explanations for our world.

Some cultures think that daytime and dreams do not differ in the “reality plan” in any way. It may appear quite awkward to think about a world where your dreams, such a virtual dimension, are comparable to the rest of your experience in life.

In the western world, we would never confuse virtual life with real, right? But would you ever say that the internet is not real?

Virtual Life – the psychology of the net:

Since the birth of the World Wide Web as we know it today, our daily experiences changed gradually. Year by year our lives began to modify and we started to spend more and more time on the net while web life itself changed at an even higher pace.

With the advent of major social networks such as Facebook in 2004, our lives changed forever. Once again, what was already intangible in our daily reality was now substituted by a virtual life surrogate. Today, social life is deeply influenced by the world of social networks both at a psychological level and sometimes also on a linguistic level.

Human social networks and interpersonal relations were being displaced on software-based platforms that only emulate reality. If someone had to bet on the outcome of this social network idea almost nobody would say that social interpersonal interactions would be ever replaced by surrogates: websites and applications. The reality of numbers proves different.

Virtual Life – numbers, privacy, and power:

If we had to define reality today, even before the COVID pandemic, it would be impossible not to cite the importance of the net. Especially social networks. Various statistics show that the average user can spend up to 6 hours a day on the net.

These data results are shocking if compared to the remaining lucid hours we have in a day. Keep note that this is only the average.

Some users in certain parts of the world can spend much more time surfing the net. This depends on a wide variety of factors.

The “wear social” website proves that in 2018, the total penetration summed by the hours spent on social networks resulted in an incredible ONE BILLION YEARS ON THE NET.

With such an amazing cumulative time spent in the virtual world, what do you think will happen to our species in the near future? Keeping note that every year there is a 30% growth in the total web penetration, we will soon all be connected.

Will this be the total loss of our privacy? And maybe of our dreams?

Andrea Silvestri

for Insider Release

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