April 20, 2024

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Artificial Intelligence Transforming Space Exploration

Explore how Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of space exploration.

Scientists and governments around the world have long been involved in space exploration.

It holds the key to the beginning of humanity and many fascinating mysteries of the cosmos.

It includes the existence of celestial life.

spece exploration
Ph. Vincent Ledvina

Space exploration has been done by countries around the world as it holds the key to the beginning of humanity. Many other fascinating mysteries of the cosmos, including the existence of celestial life await us.

However, until today, just about 4 % of the known universe that consists of planets, stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects that astronomers and scientists can see and are aware of has been studied, with the remaining 96% yet to be discovered.

Countries around the world are using emerging technologies to transform space exploration and one such breakthrough technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In recent years, artificial intelligence has been making headlines, helping us to tackle issues quicker than conventional computers will ever permit.

The use of AI in space exploration is growing at an incredible rate, which brings the value of the industry at $2 billion and is continuing to expand the space industry to 1 trillion dollars by 2040.

Intelligent navigation system – Space exploration

Artificial intelligence is helping in various aspects of space exploration.

AI is a perfect way for humans to resolve the multiple challenges faced throughout space travel in many ways.

 In reality, humans are actually not biologically capable of flying in space. For most of the exploration in space, AI based system are being built and designed for astronauts. Such assistants are developed to understand and monitor the crew’s needs as well as to understand the emotions of astronauts and their mental stability and take appropriate steps in the emergency situation.

Intelligent navigation system, which will help Astronauts navigate their way around the galaxies.

The new navigation system allows the earth’s surface to be conveniently navigated along through the shortest possible routes. In 2018, NASA has developed an AI navigation system to help astronauts find their way on the planets.

We have launched thousands of rockets since the initial periods of space exploration in the 1950’s. Since then we have placed several satellites into orbit. There are already many and we are addressing growing concern of space debris. With the continuous sending of satellites into space has created the issue of space debris which are never recycled.

Space comprises more than 23,000 human-made fragments greater than 4 inches and more than five hundred thousand small particles. What also worries, these space debris can cause a dent on the body, which often becomes the primary source of space catastrophe and will create a Kessler Syndrome.

To tackle this issue, and scientists are using deep learning to strengthen the precision of conventional laser range technology. They are using model neural network back propagation to identify where the debris is located. European Space Agency (ESA) will launch the world’s first debris removing space mission in 2025, which will be powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The road to the future – Space exploration

Scientists are also using AI in the mapping of undiscovered galaxies, neutron stars, planets, black holes and cosmic activities with the help of machine learning algorithms.

The ability to identify and distinguish rocky planets similar to our own solar system is one of the specific applications of AI in Astronomy.

These planets can be identified by understanding how the light works across the atmosphere.

While nothing can be concrete and safe with AI, however, artificial intelligence technology shows significant potential in exploring the outer space with innovative technologies and ventures. Technology is moving forward with each breakthrough providing new ideas and proving to be a benefit for humanity.

The space industry is being powered by different technologies of artificial intelligence, which means the future is thrilling and the opportunity is enormous.

Omkar Amol Moharir

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